Craft a business plan · manage debt ·secure investors

Bank loans, debt, interest and assets are essential elements of your business’s financial structure. ValuePlus+ can help you develop a powerful business plan, and then bring that plan to life with the proper options. Our financial expertise can help you determine how much debt your company can handle; the pros and cons of a loan vs. a line of credit; and how to seek financing from investors.



Choose your business structure · protect your data · develop a succession plan

The organizational structure of your business is an important consideration. It will have an impact on operating efficiency, personal liability, taxes and the way you report business income, and ValuePlus+ can help you choose the optimal structure for your business. We also can provide sound advice about insurance, commercial property, establishing a board of directors, disaster planning (to protect your data and assets) and succession plan development.

In addition, we can advise you on your plan, from job descriptions to strategic hiring to financial — and perhaps familial — considerations. Value Plus+ can also specifically help with fraud prevention, detection and response.